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Archives for June, 2014

Things Trending on E2E

A 6 pack of Things Trending Up to sip on for the weekend Mountains. Boy have we seen some awesome ones. First, it was the Brooks Range on the Dalton Hwy. From then on we have never been out of sight of at least some sort of mountain. The leaders of the pack so far […]

The adventure has continued on from our last update in Delta Junction, AK. But before we get going on the new stuff we would like to mention a few things that have happened in the past. First, the hard drive that got wet has dried out and is working.  Second, here is a list of […]

Getting past the haul road was a major milestone for us. However, it was still 80 miles to get to Fairbanks. The Elliot Hwy proved to be a much easier ride, with pavement and less steep grades, but Alaska is still a very hilly place. We met Josh and Brad from the DOT back at […]

The Haul Road in Alaska

Hey Guys.  We are alive and kicking in Fairbanks after 494 miles of riding. We will be staying in Fairbanks for a few days. Now to some of the good stuff It was a surreal scene stepping off the plane in Deadhorse after 32 hrs of travel to arrive there. On a plane full of […]

Currently, we are sitting in the Tampa Airport awaiting the first of our multiple flights to get to the starting point of Deadhorse, Alaska. It has been a busy few weeks wrapping up all of the things one must do when you are getting ready to be gone for a year. Plenty of boring stuff […]