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Archives for July, 2014

We started off our Canadian Rockies with a visit from our mom. We had a great time hanging out with her. We were able to go on some hikes in Jasper National Park that are just too far off the route to do when pedaling.  So thanks to mom for paying us a visit. Thanks […]

Greetings. After taking a few days off in Ft Nelson we’ve been some busy bees the past few days. Many, many, long miles have been ridden to reach our current location just at the footsteps of the Canadian Rockies. Along the way we’ve seen some things that are worth giving cheers to. Here’s to Full […]

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When we last spoke, it was the 4th of July and we were in Watson Lake, Yukon. It was a cold and rainy day as we awoke from sleeping on the back patio of the visitor center, overlooking the signpost forest. Riding a bicycle in these conditions is one thing, but the day in and […]

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Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July, We are currently in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. Hopefully the weather is warm and sunny where you are. It is currently 50 and raining in the Yukon. Ski caps and rain jackets instead of bathing suits and swimming for us today.  Watson Lake is home to the Sign Post Forest. During […]

Onward down the AlCan

The scenery over the past few hundred miles has been spectacular. Mountains that literally rise from the sea as high over 5,000 meters have been the backdrop to our west. We have been flanked by smaller mountains on the east side of the AlCan. The slogans for Alaska “The Last Frontier” and for Yukon Territory […]