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Archives for August, 2014

Don’t go to the Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River, Oregon. Not because their beer is bad or the pizza is crappy, because they’re both great. It’s because if you forget your maps on the table when you leave they will be in the trash within seconds. When you realize 2 blocks away and return […]

All about the numbers

Miles Cycled: ~3,400 miles              Black Bears seen: 40-50,  we lost count a long time ago, when the Bear Cup became a blowout         Grizzly Bears seen: 4, all near Kluane Lake in the Yukon Territory Used baby diapers: too many to count. Nothing is worse when […]

The West is Burning

The West is Burning Ever since crossing back into the US, it’s been HOT!! Each day it’s been high 90’s with a few of them even hitting just over 100. The great lakes we encountered every 10 miles back in Canada are no longer available for the lunch time plunge. Washington didn’t start out the […]

It’s funny how things work out. On trips like this your plans always have to be fluid, capable of change at a moment’s notice. Sometimes those changes turn out to be less than ideal, but other times you end up hitting the jackpot. Our initial plan going into the trip was to cycle down into […]