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Archives for October, 2014

We took a ferry from La Paz to the mainland Mexico city of Mazatlan. We rode on the cargo ferry because the passenger/autos ferry informed us we would have to wait 5 additional days to get a seat on the boat.  The only other non commercial passengers onboard were a group of 3 guys from […]

The People of the Baja

Prior to the trip it was always funny to hear people’s reactions when we informed them of where we intended to travel via bicycle. One common response was always “You’re going to ride in Mexico?” along with “You guys better be safe.” Along the way down on the trip it has also been funny to […]

Baja California Sur Part 1

  Good fuel for cycling. Bad for ambient air quality.                   The further south we have headed the more green it has become as a result of all the rain from Hurricane Odile.             Nic from Guadalajara, Mexico. He is on his […]