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Archives for November, 2014

The Buzz of Central America

To be honest, the buzz began as we cycled into the southern portions of Chiapas, Mexico. It picked up in tenacity as we reached the border between Mexico and Guatemala. The sound of the buzz has been constant since. The buzz, if you’re wondering, is the constant sound of the people of this region yelling […]

  Do Expect to see military and/or police trucks with mounted machine guns often throughout the country. Don’t Expect those aiming the guns to do anything more than wave at you. Do Expect to see roads that very in condition from freshly paved to looking like something from the surface of the moon. Don’t Expect […]

Guatemala: You’re up Next

We are currently in the border town of Tapachula, Mexico and will be entering Guatemala at some point today.     Passports and Mexican Tourist Cards in hand.  Bear Spray in case things get interesting.         Thanks Mexico for overall being a great place to visit.

Dia de Muertos in Oaxaca

Dia de Muertos After 81 long, hard miles on Saturday 11/1/14 we arrived into the city of Oaxaca de Juarez just as the sun was beginning to set behind the mountains that surround the city. Throughout the day we had heard the sounds of fireworks being shot into sky from the various pueblos that we […]

Wow, how the time flies when you are on a trip like this. One minute you are writing a blog post and then 2 weeks later you realize that you have not updated the site for quite sometime. So we apologize to our loyal followers to leave you hanging for so long. GDL (Guadalajara) really […]