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Archives for May, 2015

Chile Video

The Carretera Austral in Chile through Patagonia was an incredible experience. 500 miles to go to Ushuaia!!!! Wish us luck with the weather and the winds. We are going to need it

It’s close to 9am and your still sitting inside the covers of your sleeping arrangement inside the Olnie Hotel. It’s still quite some time before the sun will come up over the small mountain ridge outside and cast some light into the place. You haven’t even pondered the thought of escaping your cocoon because it’s […]

At times the cycling on this journey has felt like a chore being done in order to achieve a greater goal. In Patagonia, it has very much felt like a privilege.It’s a magical place where mountains jut up from the sea, glaciers rest on top of them, and waterfalls feed the rivers in the valleys below. […]

We have made it to Paradise, aka Patagonia. Scenery that is on par with the real greats of this trip such as Alaska, BC Canada, and Yosemite. It seems as if mother nature has done some of her best work at the extreme reaches of the Western Hemisphere. As we transition into winter the road […]

Southbound in Chile

A few quick numbers over 15,500 miles cycled 2 sets of tires, only 3 flats in the last 3,500 miles (Muchas Gracias Dios) 15 total countries visited New friends, too many to count 3 Craft Breweries visited in Chile, all discovered right at the end of a day of cycling. Sometimes hard work meets opportunity […]